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If you are come see us at 3013 NW 63rd St OKC, OK. Bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, any room! We do it all. Style customized to what you dream of with high quality craftsmanship. Large or small spaces we can create a design tailored for you to utilize and maximize your square footage.

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NewsOK | Interior designer Karen Black helps fulfill clients’ dreams

An article from back in July 2009 on NewsOK by Tim Fall

Super-secret insider tip to homeowners trying to book Karen Black for an interior design or remodel project: Tell her you’ve got a space that can’t be improved.
Before you hang up the phone, you may well hear the squeal of her tires in your driveway.

Because, as Black said, she is not only up for a challenge — it’s what she lives for.

"I need to be inspired by a space,” she said, "and by a homeowner’s struggle with that space.”

Black graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in interior design and faced a different kind of challenge when she entered the work force 25 years ago.

The only job offer waiting for her was from a commercial firm in Boston.

"I had to decide whether I just wanted a job,” she said, "or a career doing what I loved.”

Almost 1,000 residential designs later, the choice she made is obvious.

"I wanted to do residential projects,” Black recalled. "I always preferred working with the homeowner.”

She described her process as the art of connecting with how clients live and work.

"I sit with them in a space and do sketches and revisions,” Black said. "I want to hear all their ideas about the space, and if I can share my own ideas, I do.”

In just more than a decade, Carl Milam of Oklahoma City has had four kitchens designed and built by Black.

"She did our Heritage Hills kitchen in 1997,” Milam said, "and we’d never have moved, but our dream house came along a couple years later.”

Dream house it might have been, but it still needed a kitchen remodel, Milam said.

"We couldn’t imagine doing that job without Karen,” he said.

Porter Berry of Nichols Hills echoed that sentiment. For Berry, it was Black’s professionalism and credibility that made him a repeat client.

"We’ve done numerous remodels with numerous contractors.” Berry said. "What Karen says is exactly what she does. Karen is the only one ever to complete a job for us exactly as quoted.”

On her own after more than a decade spent designing interiors for local firms, Black made the decision to launch her own company in 1997, with Karen Black’s Kitchens & Rooms By Design.

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Leather Vanities (Patent Pending)

Leather Vanities (patent pending) have arrived @ A Karen Black Company. Our Leather Cabinetry won first place in the National Kitchen & Bath Show 2010 Design Competition. 

A Karen Black Company is known to provide beautiful, thoughtful design and exceptional quality. Our latest innovation, Leather Vanities, follows the same commitment to quality craftsmanship, beauty and function. Designed & Handcrafted in Oklahoma by our experienced team. Our company is dedicated to designing and creating luxurious, innovative leather vanities.

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I am seeing many clients that want to update the house they are currently in versus move to a newer one. It seems that individuals are comfortably nesting! We enjoy our neighborhoods and schools and have made lifelong friends. We are investing in our homes. Now is a great time to remodel. Prices are holding steady and are a good value. Gone are the days of bidding a job, only to have drywall increase by $1.00 the next day. Granite countertops, natural stone flooring, and even heated floors are now becoming the mainstream. We want to stay in our homes and make them our own. I love the concept of a well lived in, lovely designed home. Let your personality shine through your house!  Are you ready for some help? Call a karen black company. We have several options to assist you.  We offer a complete design and remodeling service.

We can do a ‘design-only’ and you can use your own contractor.

We provide a ‘consultation’ by the hour, and discuss fixtures and finishes, and answer questions.

Keep in mind; I have been in Interior Design for 26 years!  I have a great team to work with.   Leroy Estes is our Lead Interior Designer & our crew have been employed here for many years!  Call us~we  are happy to explore what your home needs are. 


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National Kitchen & Bath Show | Chicago, IL

We will be attending K/BIS, the National Kitchen & Bath Show in Chicago next week.   Karen will receive an International Design Award for our Leather Cabinet Display (patent pending).  Karen has been a Woodmode Dealer in Oklahoma for many years, and is now adding her handcrafted line to clients.  We are working around the country on interior designs, remodeling kitchens, remodeling masterbaths.  The addition of our Leather Cabinets and our Karen Black Handcrafted Cabinets has given us the ability to offer amazing, one of a kind choices.  Our cabinets are like handcrafted, fine English furniture for the kitchen!

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Remodeling Across the Country

A Karen Black Company has travelled across the United States to provide services.  One of our favorite remodeling jobs was in Monterey California.  The location was near the ocean, and the views we amazing. Our company has also provided design services and selected materials for homes in Colorado and Florida.  We are beginning a job next month outside Dallas, Texas.  If you desire trusted service, great design, and want to work with A Karen Black Company, call us.  We are happy to answer your questions. 

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Handcrafted Cabinetry by A Karen Black Company

This has been a great year for a karen black company.  We have completely remodeled our showroom with state of the art cabinetry.  I’ve told people so many times “we don’t sell cabinets, we sell designs”.  Well, now I can prove it!  We have a kitchen with a soothing granite waterfall, leather cabinets and hidden appliances. The walls are stacked stone and shelves with antiqued mirrors behind them.   Our open house was a great success (despite the monsoon), and people were abuzz with delight about our beautiful spaces….Our second display is an absolute, beautiful piece of craftsmanship.  I want to design a version of this concept for a client (and soon!)  It is so functional, yet full of surprises.  Those massive doors move with one itty finger pull to allow you more work space.  It is the ultimate entertaining kitchen.  We have a cutout over the sink, so that space can be set with serving pieces. It truly is breathtaking. Our crews are amazing, gifted men.  They each worked on these displays and the outcome is amazing.  Plus, what a benefit to have everyone work together; we are a ‘tight bunch’.

Im happy happy happy!

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