I am seeing many clients that want to update the house they are currently in versus move to a newer one. It seems that individuals are comfortably nesting! We enjoy our neighborhoods and schools and have made lifelong friends. We are investing in our homes. Now is a great time to remodel. Prices are holding steady and are a good value. Gone are the days of bidding a job, only to have drywall increase by $1.00 the next day. Granite countertops, natural stone flooring, and even heated floors are now becoming the mainstream. We want to stay in our homes and make them our own. I love the concept of a well lived in, lovely designed home. Let your personality shine through your house!  Are you ready for some help? Call a karen black company. We have several options to assist you.  We offer a complete design and remodeling service.

We can do a ‘design-only’ and you can use your own contractor.

We provide a ‘consultation’ by the hour, and discuss fixtures and finishes, and answer questions.

Keep in mind; I have been in Interior Design for 26 years!  I have a great team to work with.   Leroy Estes is our Lead Interior Designer & our crew have been employed here for many years!  Call us~we  are happy to explore what your home needs are. 


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