Define your goal: There is a reason you’re considering remodeling.  What is it?  Do you want a kitchen built for entertaining or that allows several people to cook at once. Perhaps you want a kitchen that will help with resale in a few years.  This is a good time to assess your needs and wants.  

Set a Budget:  Set an acceptable budget and try to stick to it. You know what your financial situation is & what you are comfortable spending; hence that is your budget number. By setting a realistic budget, your designer & remodeling professional can put together materials that fit your needs & your budget. Without an idea of what you want to invest in your remodel, it’s extremely difficult to select materials in your price range.  

Set a timeline with your designer/contractor:  Most people hear the word budget, and they automatically think of money.  However, when remodeling, it is also important to budget time.  Is there an event that might be affected if your kitchen was being remodeled?  Will you have overnight guests that will need that bathroom?  Discuss time expectations with your designer/contractor and get their professional opinion if your time line is reasonable.  

Have realistic expectations: Talk to friends and neighbors that have been through a remodeling process.  Sit down with your family and talk about what you’re about to commit to.  It’s going to take a certain amount of time; it’s going to be messy, it's going to impact your finances.  If you and your family know what to expect, the stress might be more acceptable.  

How to avoid common mistakes?  

Get advice from an expert:  A certified kitchen designer, or interior designer that has extensive experience with kitchens & baths will prove to be invaluable. The pros will make sure that form follows function!  You will have enough storage for all of your china, pots and pans, tray dividers, trash pullouts and roll out shelves that make finding everything simple.

Don’t try to direct:  A remodel is a huge undertaking.  Unless your day job is as a general contractor, you need to leave this one up to the pros.

A Design/Build company, with qualified Interior Designers and Dedicated Craftsman will make your remodeling project successful.  That's why choosing a karen black company is the right choice for remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, home, or office. Contact us today!