Installing LED Bulbs in Down Lights? Know the Kelvin.

If you are buying LED bulbs for your existing down lights or if you are installing down lights & would like LED bulbs make sure you get 2700 Kelvin. Kelvin has to do w/ the color spectrum of a bulb. We want more red & less blue in our homes. Blue is what we typically see in fluorescents/hospitals. It washes out the true colors of things such as fabrics, paint colors, etc.. Red is what we see in natural light & enhances color & makes colors more true. So, lower kelvin (2700)=good/pretty. High kelvin (6000)=bad/ugly. The kelvin is listed on the box. Enjoy.....

Which toilet seat to buy?

I'm having clients complain that their new toilet seats feel cheap. :-( We are using a Kohler plastic seat that costs $60 - $75 so no cheap seats here. When we ask our clients they are saying they are wanting the old composite seats. You know the ones.....they crack & pinch your bottom!!? The plastic seats we use are designed to flex with different weights & sizes of the user. Better engineered & typically don't crack. The composite seats cost about $20.

Smart Divide Sinks Review

Smart divide sinks are so functional. The center partition is simply lowered to give your pot & pan handles somewhere to rest so you can easily scrub it in the sink. The lowered partition allows the pot or pan to lay more flat in the sink bowl. It really is 'Smart'!

Is a Wall Hung/In Wall Toilet a good choice?

Wall hung/ In wall Toilets. These are great! They take the tank out of the room & put it in the wall which moves the toilet back creating more space AND they are suspended so less cleaning & more exposed floor space which makes the space feel larger. They hold up to 800 lbs. NOTE:They require 6" walls so look for the ones that fit in 4" walls if remodeling. Cost & moving the waste line is required & expensive.

Steam Shower with Infinity Drain

Another gorgeous bathroom completed!!! Another amazing client for a karen black company to work with! The shower is a steam shower w/ an infinity drain. Notice the same floor in the shower as the bathroom. The shower floor slopes back towards the window wall. The water drains into a 5' long drain at the window wall. I love building showers like this. Great job Ken & Carl!!

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